Nature’s Aviary

The magic of Bharatpur is fully realized when you give yourself up to the sounds of Nature. In a small area of 29 sq. km there are hundreds of species of birds that breed in the dense forest cover, while hundreds more travel from within and outside India.

Birds of Many a

Every year birds from Siberia, Europe, Central Asia, China and Tibet fly along the North-South avian route of India to escape the extreme temperatures of these geographies. Bharatpur is a favourite among these migratory birds for a seasonal halt, and this makes the total number of winged species that may be spotted at Bharatpur over 375. Hundreds of large, medium and little cormorant, darter, purple and grey heron, species of egret; painted, open-billed, white-necked and black-necked stork; white ibis, spoonbill, night heron and other birds get busy in courting and mating after the monsoons.

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National Park

Formerly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, the Keoladeo Natioanl Park used to be a duck shooting zone in the pre-colonial era. It was after independence that the area was notified as a bird sanctuary. Further conservation efforts were made by Dr. Salim Ali, the original birdman of India, who helped it gain the status of a national park in 1982. Today, as a montage of dry grasslands, woodlands, woodland swamps and wetlands, it is home to over 375 bird species, 379 species of flora, 50 species of fish and many other animals.

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Area: 11.09 mi2
Hours: Open now
Established: March 10, 1982
Nearest town: Bharatpur
Did you know: It is named after a Keoladeo (Shiva) temple within its boundaries.

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